The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers 2020 Annual Report

A Year of Adaption & Evolution: Remaining Resilient Through Headwinds

The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Annual Report 2020

The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers set a theme, “A Year of Adaption & Evolution”, in response to the challenge of COVID-19 faced in 2020. We came up with two design directions in accordance with the theme:

Concept 1: “No prairie fire can destroy the grass, it shoots up again with the spring breeze blows.”
Grasses wouldn’t be destroyed simply even when they are burned, which symbolizes the strong vitality. Just as grasses, HKIB faced challenges in 2020 and was still able to grow strongly and survive in the industry.

Concept 2: Wind Energy
We borrow the concept from wind energy as a metaphor to indicate how HKIB was able to adapt the significant changes in 2020 and regarded it as a motivation to come up with measures to support the industry adapting the changes. There is also environmental message behind it.

To bring out the future environmental development of HKIB, they have chosen Direction 2 as the main design concept.


We used interesting infographic to visualize the figures and graphs in the booklet which help readers process the content more efficiently.

HKIB Annual Report