Fu Gam Da Mi

We designed the logo and product/product packaging for Fu Gam Da Mi.

Produced in Wuchang City, Heilongjiang China, Fu Gam Da Mi is known for its superior texture and has won the approval of many Michelin-starred chefs in Hong Kong. First, we designed a logo for their product. Good rice comes from a good field. The opportunity to grow high quality rice is dependent on the condition of the field, the timing of the heavens and the harmony of those who cultivate it. Because of this, we designed the logo around the Chinese character “田” and modified the four “口” (mouths) within the character into the rounded grains of rice. The logo indicates that Fu Gam Da Mi’s rice possesses such a premium texture due to it being grown from a very ideal piece of land.


The packaging featured an enlarged version of the logo, which strengthened the product’s recognizability and positioning in the market. As we understood that not everyone in the market would have a deep understanding about Fu Gam Da Mi’s rice, we decided to educate the customers by including information about Wuchang City’s culture and history on the box and added special printing effects to highlight their organic certification.


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