DI CLASSE is an Italian furniture boutique and acts as agency of several Italian furniture brands in Hong Kong.

Rename for Classical Curtain

Classical Curtain (now named Di Classe) is located in Wan Chai providing high-end curtains for residence in Mid-levels. It has partnered with various Italian high-end furniture brands such as Bene, Cappellini, Ferrari, etc. since 2019, which was established the image of being an Italian brand since then.

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Recently, Classical Curtain has remodeled its business from selling only curtains to luxury furniture. To retain the Italian brand image, the design team used the Italian word “Di Classe” which means “classy” in Italian to be its new brand name. The simple yet direct name indicates the new business which is to provide classy and stylish Italian high-end furniture.

The brand logo was developed around the letter “D” and the image of Italian flag fluttering in the wind came to our mind during the creation process. The form resembles the letter “D” which is just in line with the brand name.

DiClasse Brand Identity
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We have also modified the original branding color green to a gray-toned green to deepen its classy image.

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